The Spirit Tree, Denise Leigh, finding peace and wellness, energy healing, spiritual hands

The Spirit Tree,Denise Leigh,lotus, energy healing

I am the Tree
by D. Leigh

Acorns and pebbles cover the trail to solitude.

Oaks arch above and welcome droplets of golden sun.

The grey squirrel catapults from branch to branch
dried leaves tossed at my feet.

The only conversation heard is the song of the cardinal to remind us that his song is the only song of Peace.

Energy Healing

Spiritual healing is energy in action ... It is not a magic cure-all. Spiritual healing is a process and a system that works by using affirmative prayer and spiritual healing treatments that direct energy to promote healing and bring improvements to all types of unwanted conditions and situations.

Spiritual healing is often referred to as energy healing, and it is really a technique that shifts energy patterns. The healer connects to a higher power (the Universal/Divine healing energy).  Through this connection and channeling of the energy, the direction of energy patterns is changed. Already programmed energy is intercepted and veered in a new desired direction, aimed to change the course of events for the better.

The Spirit Tree focuses on various healing techniques, primarily working with energy healing and the Hands on Healing modalities.  We have been trained and mentored by Echo Bodine, internationally known healer and psychic.  Our focus is to channel healing energy to you where your body is in most need and for your overall highest good.  We provide a relaxing environment where you can receive optimal results.  We can conduct healing sessions in an one-on-one atmosphere or remotely.

We have helped people:

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